We Are Recruiting!

The Process:
  1. Download and complete the volunteer application

  2. Email your volunteer application and a copy of a photo I.D. to Sergeant Ponsioen of the Metro Vancouver Transit Police: julien.ponsioen@transitpolice.bc.ca

  3. Interview

  4. Reference Check & Background Check

  5. Orientation - welcome to our team!

Top 5 Reasons To Join Waterfront CPC:
  • Unique: We are the only Transit community policing centre in North America.

  • Mentorship: Volunteers get to work under the guidance of Sgt. Ponsioen and other Neighborhood Police Officers at the Metro Vancouver Transit Police

  • Public Safety: Through visibility and education, volunteers are able to contribute to a safe public transit system in Metro Vancouver.

  • Accessible Locations: Volunteers have the option of reporting out of our offices in Waterfront Station or New Westminster Station as part of their volunteer patrols.

  • Community Engagement: Waterfront CPC volunteers attend numerous events every year, where they gain meaningful connections with the diverse communities within Metro Vancouver.