We Are Recruiting!

The Process:
  1. Download and complete the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION

  2. Email your volunteer application and a copy of a photo I.D. to Constable Teitelbaum of the Metro Vancouver Transit Police: joinwfcpc@gmail.com

  3. Panel Interview

  4. Reference Check & Background Check

  5. Orientation - welcome to our team!

Top 5 Reasons To Join Waterfront CPC:
  • Unique: We are the only Transit community policing centre in North America.

  • Mentorship: Volunteers get to work under the guidance of Constable Miles Teitelbaum and many other police officers at the Metro Vancouver Transit Police

  • Public Safety: Through visibility and education, volunteers are able to contribute to a safe public transit system in Metro Vancouver.

  • Accessible Locations: Volunteers have the option of reporting out of our offices in Waterfront Station or New Westminster Station as part of their volunteer patrols.

  • Community Engagement: Waterfront CPC volunteers attend numerous events every year, where they gain meaningful connections with the diverse communities within Metro Vancouver.

In just over a year of operations, we have had two volunteers hired as police officers with Metro Vancouver Transit Police, one with the West Vancouver Police Department, one with the New Westminster Police Department, and one Sheriff with the British Columbia Sheriff Service. An incredible accomplishment for a young organization!