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Our Story

    The Waterfront Community Policing Centre started as an idea about how to further connect the community with the Metro Vancouver Transit Police. In 2018, one of our partners (Granville CPC), was temporarily forced out of their office due to a flood. The Metro Vancouver Transit Police had an office located at the Waterfront Station, which became the perfect location for a temporary community policing office. The Metro Vancouver Transit Police Waterfront office welcomed the staff and volunteers of the Granville CPC and provided them with a place to stay. The office became open to the public, and it was soon evident that a community policing model could work. Realizing the potential of having a community policing centre at Waterfront, then Constable Julien Ponsioen (now a Sergeant) worked tirelessly to plan and advocate for a Metro Vancouver Transit Police community policing centre. After countless hours of work, in October 2020, Metro Vancouver Transit Police management approved the opening of the Waterfront Community Policing Centre. After months of further preparation, the Waterfront Community Policing Centre officially opened our doors to the public in February 2021. Now, the Waterfront Community Policing Centre is here to serve the public, with a focus of the areas on and around the transit system across Metro Vancouver.



Our Mission is to connect the Travelling Public with Community Partners to ensure a safe transit experience for everyone.


A transit system that is safe and accessible for everyone and every community.

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