Volunteers with the Waterfront Community Policing Centre and the Neighbourhood Police Officer are here for you. 

Volunteer patrols

  • Foot Patrol​

    • Volunteers are                                                                              trained to identify                                                                   suspicious or criminal                                                               activity in a safe, non-confrontational manner

    • Build relationships with the community, respond to questions, give referrals, help connect the homeless to services.

    • Reporting community concerns to the CPC and potentially serious situations to the MVTP

    • Identify safety concerns on and around the transit system

    • Distributing crime prevention information


                                                  The WFCPC staff and NPO are 

                                                  knowledgeable in a variety of 

                                                  safety topics and are available to

                                                  conduct presentations at your

                                                  request. Whether you represent a

                                                  special interest group, a school, community programming, or the like, we would be happy to help you address the concerns of your membership or to educate you on the role Community Policing plays on the transit system. The CPC can also combine safety presentations and educational seminars with other in-house outreach services.


Combined topics can include:
For children – “The Police are Your Friends” and safety on transit.
For cyclists – “Rules of the Road, Transit & Resources” and Bicycle Anti-Theft Techniques

If you would like more information or to schedule a special presentation please email


Basic Safety Presentations

These presentations are designed to address general crime and safety issues. Community Policing, Transit Safety for Women and Seniors, How to deal with Aggressive Panhandling, and Police Reporting on the Transit system are some of the topics currently available. We can also make customized presentations.

Transit Watch & Speed Watch

Volunteers work closely with the MVTP's Targeted Mobile Enforcement Team (TMET) to help with bus only lanes & speed watch events.


Information Services

                                                           If you would like to file a

                                                           report that would not

                                                           require an immediate       

                                                           response by the police is

                                                           NOT required, please

                                                           come in person to our

                                                                   office or call. Volunteers

                                                           can record your crime                                                                  and safety concerns, and assist you with any further steps that may be required. Not all issues will require police attention and the volunteers can provide you with additional resources and contact information of other municipal or provincial agencies as required. If you need to report a non-emergency crime that occurred outside of Vancouver, we can assist you with contacting the appropriate police agency.

Examples of the reports taken at the CPC:

  • Graffiti

  • Suspicious Circumstances

  • Street Drug Dealing/Grow-Ops

  • Theft

  • Aggressive Panhanding

  • Lost/Found Property


WFCPC office volunteers and staff work closely with TransLink staff to follow-up on transit related complaints and concerns such as graffiti, garbage, abandoned vehicles, transit complaints, and damaged property. The office is also the hub for CPC community projects and programs.